This traditional American board game has become very fashionable in Spain and has been successfully transferred to all online poker rooms. So if you are part of the group of players who are dying to try the offer of this demanding game, we want to give you some strategies so that you get the most out of each of your games.

Don’t Let Your Position Go Unnoticed

It is one of the most important aspects of any Hold’em game. The more time you take to act in hand, the more time you will have to gather information and make good decisions.

The best position you can have when you are starting is the button (or dealer) since it allows you to know what your rivals have done, react with time, being able to imagine the play that they tend. This location is certainly ideal.

The benefits of playing in the last positions will be to be able to play more hands but at the same time, you must exercise caution in your game.

Get Down To Aggressiveness

Knowing how to control your emotions will be your plus in a game of Poker, because with a cool head you can choose the ideal moment to apply an aggressive game.

So if you suspect that your opponent has a good hand, don’t try to kick him out of the pot with big bets. In the long run this will encourage you to start wasting a lot of money and no one is going to fold (fold) if they think they have the best hand.

Let No One Know Your Game

Avoid acting according to your game because the most experienced will know how to read your cards like an open book, as it shows both in the way you bet or by the gestures.

A typical way in which it is usually noticed is for example: not making bets in the appropriate proportion, that is, you should bet avoiding the extremes, neither very large or very small bets.

For example: it would be illogical to bet $ 2 on a $ 30 pot. If you have a decent hand you will not be able to increase the pot, while if you are bluffing, it will be difficult for you to succeed with such a small bet.

If you are a beginning player, a good strategy to go unnoticed is to place a bet between half the pot and its full value. You will pass as an experienced player and prevent others from reading your game.

Play An Appropriate Number Of Hands

If something distinguishes a novice player from an experienced player, it is undoubtedly the number of hands that they usually play, beginners tend to play any hand without thinking or analyzing their playing strategy, so a great good strategy to avoid falling into the typical mistake A beginner is to play between 10% and 30% of your hands.

For example, try to play even below that percentage, in the case of cards like King-Ten they are long-term losing cards, so you should avoid throwing these types of cards before the flop to avoid getting caught.

Play At Appropriate Levels

An ideal strategy is to play according to your level of experience and budget.

Exceeding this or not complying with it can create a lot of stress and affect you emotionally. It will block your ability to make decisions and it will cost you to play. This will be noticed by your opponents and they will surely attack you from their comfortable playing position because they surely do have a budget appropriate to the level of the game.

Golden rule: If a buy-in means you have to invest a lot of money, you are at the wrong table. When a player plays many hands, it is usually marked with a loose style, which is not recommended if you are an amateur player.

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